Brake line flare types

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At bottom is the old WC. Poly-Armour Poly-Armour PVF Steel Brake Line Tubing Coil, 3/16" x 25' 4. A good example of this is high-pressure automotive brake lines. To do a bubble flare you use the double flare tool but skip the last procedure that inverts the flare. GM Fuel Line Die Sets 71415: 5/16″ Die Set 71416: 3/8″ Die Set. I believe this is because the parts probably came from Canada. Brake Line Flaring . A tip on an easier but better way to make clutch or brake lines with professional but affordable double flaring tool in comparison with a standard flaring tool. I'm quite new to brake lines and flaring. Precisely flares copper, aluminum and mild steel tubing up to . Be sure to match the thread and flare of your connecting lines. Front fitting is M12-1. I don't know if your brake line rusted from the outside or inside (brake fluid is a type of alcohol and absorbs moisture from the air, even right through rubber brake lines), but it's probably a good idea to soon flush the other brake lines, too. Not only is copper tubing used for main water service lines, but it also serves for various household purposes as well. ) I'm pretty sure the 4 ends I've seen of the old brake lines are bubble flares. Automotive Brake Line. T. I've seen various different kits available with differing types of flares, fittings, etc and I'm not sure what it all means. DOT Fittings & Tubing. Selected fittings should also comply with local, state, or federal standards. What is allowed is bubble/ball flare and double flare. Buy Brake Line, ISO Bubble Flare - BK 8135642 online from NAPA Auto Parts Stores. Would it be a safe assumption that all 3/16" "Japanese" lines should be identical in fitment? I also dont mind cutting, bending, and flaring my own lines from bulk 3/16" tubing, but when I looked at the flaring tool they sold, it had cutouts for different line sizes (like 3/16), but there is no mention of the flare angle. Regarding the shape of the terminal ends, should this be double flared or bubble flared ??? My " cheapie" flaring machine does both. Some other flare types: Metric Vs SAE Flares. Think of the brake line flare as the flare at the bottom of a pair of jeans: With flaring, the end of the tube opens wider, and allowing the connection to slip in deeper and with more ease. 9/16 x 25. also fitting size brake line to cylinder. 95 per flare nut. SuperLift Bulletproof Rear Brake Lines for 4-6 in. You will see it demonstrated in the pictures following this. Don hand and eye protection. It sounds like the mechanic does not have an ISO flaring tool. 76mm. I didn’t want to have to have my coworker flare the line again so I rented a flare tool from Pep Boys, but it couldn’t do the right flare. 99 M. My braided line fittings have the inverted look, just not sure how they were sealing though Brake Line Types. 0 inverted flare fittings for 1/4″ tube are extremely hard to find. The tubing is dead soft annealed to make it easy to flare, and a tubing cutter work hardens the end of the tube. A flare nut wrench, also known as a line wrench, brake wrench or crow's foot spanner, is a type of open-ended wrench commonly used for car repair and tuning. x2 on the Eastwood flaring tool Mike describes. Leaky fittings require new flares and fittings. Much thanks Mark Husky's 6-piece flare nut wrench set is a must have to complete the DIYer or professional's tool box. Best brake line flare tool What’s the brake line flare tool kit? A good brake line flare tool kit can make or break your brake line repair job. slipshod: I did the brake lines on my travel trailer (surge brakes). Home / Auto & Fleet Maintenance / DOT Fittings & Tubing . If you've never made brake lines before, you'll need to do some research to ensure you're installing the correct parts. The most common is the SAE flare. This means it will handle all your plumbing jobs from brake lines to transmission cooler lines and fuel lines. Bad flares make you crank your fittings. 25, which calculates out to 7. Replacing your brake lines will undoubtedly be more comfortable with the Master Brake Flaring Tool Kit. A flaring tool is available at any autopart store and producing good double flares is not hard. For the other end you use a standard flare fitting with a flare union. Had one made for each front caliper and for my dual MCsetup. I did a lot  23 Mar 2012 Question – I need to replace some brake lines on my truck and I am new to flaring brake lines. How To Double Flare A Brake Or Fuel Line - Duration: 9:54. Start studying Brake Fluid and Lines / Auto. Double flaring makes the smooth outside of the tube press onto the fitting, Brake Line Fittings - 3/8" Domestic Tube nuts, unions, and adapters have uses across different types of automotive lines. Due to the welding there will often be a rough area inside the tube. It takes quite an amount of practice and knowledge to determine the types of brake line flares in order to get it perfect for the automobile in question. because im not payin honda $500 for the lines. This Bav Auto Tools On-Vehicle Micro Brake Pipe Flaring Tool - Bavarian Autosport (Mfg#B8800083) fits Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, MINI, Porsche,  OEM Double Flaring Tool SAE. I have converted many Toyota's this way. As pointed out above, most parts stores stock straight sections in various length. It is not difficult, but if you have never done it before, it can seem like a bit of voodoo. Steel brake line tubing tends to be manufactured by forming a strip of sheet into a tube and then welding the seam. 11ft3inch 52inch and 20inch. 025" of some kind of rubber protection, so I am sure they will last the life of the car. Compare double flares made with this tool (top) and with the standard double flare tool (bottom). cut the line, put your end on, the flare tool will be in any auto parts store with the brake lines, but it will be a standard flare or double flare (not a bubble flare) You have to flare the line after the end is slid onto it. But if you need to shorten the lines then the correct flare tool can be hundreds of dollars. I did new brake lines on the rear on my 96 Bronco. When you are checking your brake lines, take a look at the brake clips that are present. tubing end to be flared. Never use copper tubing on automotive brake systems because it is unable to withstand the high pressure and vibrations steel tubing can. Do not use a single or bubble flare tool on your brake line ends. 00 flare nut. So, if you plan to buy enough to do the whole van, you will need to buy two 25-foot coils of brake line. However, most brake line tends to be metric, so it may not fit the 345 DL flaring tool. This tool is 12 pounds of steel in a compact, clever arrangement that makes flaring brake lines amazingly easy. There should be a block that attaches to the back of the wheel cylinder and then the brake line connects to the block. Use a length that is close to the old line and bend to suit. The two types of flares used on brake lines are • SAE and DOT. Flared fittings are generally used in high pressure situations to join two pieces of pipe together. Yes, a Pontiac, built in the USA, has European brake lines. Re: Clarify brake line fitting flare type I just took my prop valve out and the inside of the ports angle away from the fitting - not towards it. In case you need coveralls, hardware, or any kind of other equipment, you will find it on our virtual shelves. Appletree Automotive offers a complete line of VW BRAKE SYSTEMS BRAKE LINES and FITTINGS. Edelmann Hydraulic Brake Fittings are zinc plated to help prevent galvanic corrosion. Hello, I have a corroded rear brake line flare nut fitting, the end of the hard line, not the rubber line unfortunately. Flare nut wrenches for sure. 511 views. How to Fix a Leak in a Flare Fitting. If you are experiencing problems with an engine or transmission you purchased from Advance Auto Parts, please call (888) 286-6772, Monday through Friday, 8:00am - 5:30pm Eastern Time. There are more compact models, and others of various designs, but the RFT-37 is what I usually use for all types of plumbing tubing. So I'm going to be replacing my whole brake system during the build and I'd like some explanations and advice on brake line fittings. Imperial thread diameter is measured in fractions of an inch and imperial pitch is measured in threads per inch (TPI). They also let me borrow a tube bender. Product Overview. My understanding is that our OEM systems used an inverted flare. 75mm-diameter lines using the included split dies. Inquire about our 007 flaring tool. But don’t let them touch your vehicle. S. 0(G)) Now that you have perfected the production of armour coils it is time to try your hand a pipe flaring. Try not to bend the old line getting it out, then use it as a pattern to bend the new line. Since the 1970s, observed brake tubing faults have diminished with improved coatings. 5. 0. Adapters can be used to adapt standard brake lines to the different size ports used in dual master cylinders. There are three types of flares on brake hose  The flaring tool looks a little bit like a pitchfork with three prongs. As compared to 1/2 x 20. It might be from an ill tempered rock that managed to jump up from the trail and nail your brake line in a vulnerable spot. Four years later they ruptured at the weld line. Over tightening the flare cone can produce a thinning out of the flare and can cause score marks around the base. The 45° flare is the type required when tubing is to be connected with SAE 45° flare fittings. These premium grade brake fittings have been designed for use in completion of your disc brake system and consist of chassis fitting, caliper adapters, master cylinder fittings and adapters necessary to complete your brake system needs. Wilwood’s brake line fittings are manufactured to high quality standards and are available in various styles. Being able to bend a brake line to the correct shape is an art for sure. A single flare is simply flaring the end of the tube. 10, buy best ct-2032c ratchet eccentric cone reamers double flare brake line flaring hand tool set kit with case sale online store at wholesale price. Well, every now and again, one finds the need to replace a section of brake line tubing. You are eligible for a full refund if no ShippingPass-eligible orders have been placed. If you ordered a replacement brake line kit from the catalogs they would all be double flared. Unfortunately, 12×1. There are three types of flaring tools: manual, hydraulic, and leverage manual. From here forward, the instructions for the flaring kit should be followed; make sure to lubricate the flaring die and tubing with anti-seize or brake fluid. Compression fittings aren’t designed to handle the hydraulic pressure a brake system is imposses. The SAE/double (inverted/45degree) flare and the DIN/ISO bubble flare. How to Properly Double-Flare Brake Lines FIG. These lines use a bubble flare, so pre-flared lines are the way to go. 4. It might be on account of a recent mod that rendered your existing tubing too short or too long. Manufactured to the highest So I'm going to be replacing my whole brake system during the build and I'd like some explanations and advice on brake line fittings. 75mm) See diagramBuy some spare in case you kink the lines while bending! 60 inches (X3) about 10$ each (pre-flared with connectors) 40 inches (x1) about 7$ 30 inches (x2) about 7$ 20 inches (x2) about 6$ 12 inches (x2) Brake Lines - Steel vs Copper vs Copper-Nickel. I find the Calvan 164 flaring tool interesting but . does anybody know what size the fuel and brake lines are on a 95 integra rs. Find the right tubing for your classic car today! These fittings simplify the routing of brake hoses through the frame for a neater and safer installation when building street rods, pro-street and race car chassis. This opening video introduces  Flare fittings are a type of compression fitting used with metal tubing, usually soft steel, ductile (soft) copper and aluminum, though other materials are also used. Learn all about cunifer brake line from the history to exactly why this new old material is being rediscovered by automotive professionals everywhere. So i cut the pipe back and made a short joiner pipe in about 10mins and got it all back working. A double flare actually folds the wall of the tube back over itself giving a very strong, compliant seal essential for brake lines. Or you could do it the other way and spend a hundy in fittings. Cut the metric fitting off and put the standard one on and re-flare the line. Quality Flare 7 sizes of tubing with this tube flaring tool kit Brake Line Forming Tool. That's great and all, but the ABS actuator has a different type of flare Here's the pic, brake line fittings on the left, actuator fitting on the right. What is an inverted flare?is it a single flare or double flare im confused? reflaring brake lines for my truck a little lost on what tool to get for an inverted flare Follow Types of Press Brakes, Tooling Types, and Bending Methods Posted on January 17, 2017 March 14, 2017 by vcanning Press brake operators require a detailed understanding of their machines to successfully bend materials. The double flaring tool kit is designed for double flares in copper, aluminum, soft steel brake lines, and brass tubing up to 45  Only US$24. The standard Toyota brake line fitting is 10mmx1. A union is for joining two lines together. Yield and heat will help. Let sit overnight. Your Dunebuggy or VW Beetle will be up and running fast when you get your parts from AppletreeAutomotive. From what I'm seeing, it is a bubble flare? The brake lines are 3/16" diameter with inverted flare 10mm x 1. I have a friend making my lines for me. Recommended uses:copper, brass, aluminum and welded steel hydraulic tubing Working temperatures:-65°F to 250°F GM Fuel Line Adapters 71405: 5/16″ Adapter 71406: 3/8″ Adapter. The type needed on a Volkswagen is known as a "bubble flare". I need to know the size of the BMW line and the type of flare. Calculates out to 6. The design of the wrench makes it useful when dealing with flare nuts and flare fittings and can loosen the nuts without damaging them. Heat-treated clamping bar and yoke assembly. while i drool at the Hazet brake line flaring tool, i can't justify the astronomical price for something i would seldom use. The unique design of the wrench head allows the tool to be placed over tubing, such as brake or fuel lines, and engage the fastening nut with less likelihood of stripping the fastener. The brake lines an fuel lines rusted out in my 96 accord lx. where can i go to find these lines? any websites or places i can go to Compression fitting on brake lines. . Both flares appear to be double flares (I was expecting bubble flares). The guy who did the hack job mentioned above used inverted flare to patch into the existing brake line, but had to use a bubble flare at the brake hose, so the car had a mixture. Aircraft AN (Army-Navy) fittings seal with a 37- degree tapered seat, Brake fluid (I bought dot4) 2 pints 2. In this case, the Customer Care team will remove your account from auto-renewal to ensure you are not charged for an additional year and you can continue to use the subscription until the end of your subscription term. However, the flared connection must be made with bare metal, and that is where it rusted out. If not, Kunifer is the pipe to use, I don't know of any garage not using it. How To Make A Double Flare Brake Line. Manufacturers of all types of brake line tubing will tell you not to use a tubing cutter. I bought brake line and flare nuts locally from the VW dealer, they order the line in a 5 meter roll, and sell it by the meter. 3. It is complete with all other tools that you will need for a perfect finish such as a flaring bar, arbor press, tube cutter, adapters, and deburring tool. It might be worth investing in some decent Flare-Nut wrenches for the brake line/hose sizes you deal with most - in your neck of the woods that would seem a solid investment. '04 Mini Cooper Brake Line Flare Type. There are U. 45˚ & Double Flaring Adapters 71097-03: 3/16″ Adapter 71097-04: 1/4″ Adapter 71097-05: 5/16″ Adapter 71097-06: 3/8″ Adapter 71097-08: 1/2″ Adapter. 75mm with a M10 x 1. Weren't the Europa S2 originals bubble flares? So then I looked at the two lines at the front of the car, that attach to the master cylinder. 0 faves You are eligible for a full refund if no ShippingPass-eligible orders have been placed. Take a line off and head to the auto store, or even the hardware store if they have the lines. of 3/16 in Copper-Nickel Coil Brake Line Flexible, Easy to Bend Replacement Tubing Kit (Includes 16 Fittings) -Inverted Flare, SAE Thread by hikotor $16. Single flares are insufficient, end of story. Similarly, damaged brake hoses impede your car or truck's ability to keep the proper fluid pressure pumping to your brakes- heightening your risk of accidents. You can buy these brake lines at any auto parts store. Adapters are also supplied to adapt standard brake lines to metric sizing for import and some late model domestic vehicles. diameter tubing, and since the 1970s, NiCopp lines have been used on Audi, Porsche, Aston Martin and Volvo brake systems. Dorman provides pre-bent Stainless Steel Brake Lines that provide you with pre bent brake line for specific applications to save you time by eliminating bending, cutting and flaring of brake lines. 23 Jun 2018 This in depth how-to HD video series covers brake tube flare types, flaring Making your own steel brake lines with SAE/DOT approved brake  Buy high-quality products from the >> Dual flaring tool, brake line << area with Wurth ▷ The online shop for professionals with over 125000 products ✓Large  Buy high-quality products from the >> Dual flaring tool, brake line << area with Würth ▷ The online shop for professionals with over 125000 products ✓Large  Has anyone replaced all their hard lines and have any advice to offer? Eastwood has a sale on their K Tool Pro brake flaring setup,  3 Jul 2019 If someone wants to flare and bend new brake linings by himself, . I'm preparing to replace rear calipers, hoses and lines on a '04 Mini Cooper. Exposure to the elements of nature is the main reason that brake lines degrade. Double flare is still thicker than the tube wall and maintains the tube pressure rating. If your brake lines have signs of rubbing, cracking, pinching or tearing it's time to find a replacement part at AutoZone. Of the two fuel lines that run the length of the body (one on each side), I've already experienced three areas that have perforated. The kits run from as little as $10 to as much as $400. that piece has a female threaded connector. Remember, it has to be double flared to hold. Most cars in Asia and America use this type because of its efficiency. (The title says '99 Dakota because the brakes are the '99 design. Slip on the appropriate fitting (with the threaded end toward the end you just cut) and install the line in the appropriate die for the flaring tool (this is the Professional Brake Tubing Flaring Tool). When in doubt, double flare. Come to find out each end fitting is a different size, took it to local auto part store and Sponsored Links. D. • SAE and double flare. where can i go to find prebent ones? have a 96 honda accord lx and i need new fuel an brake lines now i need to find sum brake an fuel lines already bent for the car. K. As someone else up above said, stainless tube is the worst for work hardening, but all of it will harden to one degree or another. Fittings sold individually. And the skills to bend, cut and flare brake lines are taught early in life. Our online catalog includes flaring tools of many types – you can select from manual, hammer-type, heavy-duty, precision ratcheting, and non-ratcheting tools. It's mobile; you screw it in and out of the line, which widens it, making the flare. Customer reply replied 4 years ago. I am having a hard time finding replacement fittings, both male and female, once i make new pipes. 45˚ & Double Flaring Die Sets 71097-13: 3/16″ Die Set The long brake line from the front to the rear in my '98 Dodge Dakota rotted out and I'm half-way through replacing it. The first is the inverted double flare, used by most domestic production cars and trucks. There are two basic types of flares used on OEM automotive brake systems throughout the world. If you know anyone local with a brake pipe tool you might be able to cut off the formed end, slide on a new union and make a new flare in situ. Hey tw, Got myself Alittle situation doing a spindle install on a buddies truck and while unscrewing the hard side brake lines to attach the new longer brakes line and it broke off the flared end. Get a standard size hard line and pillage the fitting off of it. I have a 2010 Prius and the long left rear brake line has developed a leak right at the rear wheel connection end. Its unique properties allow it to be snaked into positions that are impossible to do with steel brake line. You can buy pre-flared sections of line, and bend them to fit, or you can buy bulk line and flare nuts from the dealer, and use a flaring tool to make your own lines  24 Apr 2016 How to make new brake and clutch lines for a moke. 99 $ 16 . DOT approved for hydraulic & ABS brake systems, fuel, power steering & transmission cooling line replacement. The 007 Brake Line Flaring Tool is what you need. With these products by Raybestos Brake Parts, you get OE quality, and durability at a competitive price. I also had to borrow a cheap little pipe cutter (from my father, but that was YEARS ago, so I suppose "steal" would be more accurate!), buy a cheap($5) pipe bender, and buy a ISO Bubble Flaring Kit, and the cheapest I found it was at JC Whitney, for $43. Our Vinyl Plug Kit is perfect for this. brake/fuel line flares what kind of flares does honda/acura use on the brake and fuel lines. flare type-brake line to brake line? hammer2. Assembled from high grade British made copper-nickel alloy tubing and plated steel tube nuts. There are unions in the two rear hardlines near the bottom of the Can someone clarify what type of flare a 95 supra uses for brake ends. Remove the existing line and plug the line upstream to eliminate brake fluid from leaking and emptying the master cylinder. Flaring makes the tubing wider at the end. This tool is designed to flair soft copper, brass, aluminum and mild steel tubing. The next part of the rebuild of my 1968 OTS is the replacement of the brake lines with 3/16 Kunifer. 95 Rubicon Express Front Stainless Steel Brake Lines w/ 4. Purchase a new set of brake tubes, fittings, and flare nuts with rust-resistant alloy finish. The following procedure was done with 3/16" steel brake line on a wing-nut type flaring tool. 75mm tubing. DIY enthusiasts can use our brake line flare tool on 3/16-inch, ¼-inch, 5/16-inch, 3/8-inch and 4. Icon 2. So the line can’t blow out of the fitting. Press perfect flares in seconds, with fast cam and lever action. A Honda Brake Line needs to be kept in good working condition in your vehicle. Most American-made vehicles use brake lines with a double flare. However, brake lines made from these materials are more expensive. There are only two types of flares used on a Moke - SAE single flare and SAE double  The tools cut tubing ranging from 1/8 to 5/8 in. The older style is the compression-type flaring tool. Do that a couple times then use the flare nut's on it. Works with steel, copper and aluminium tube, Yes, the brake line between the ABS module and the rear brake hose. It can easily create a single flare, but more importantly, it will make a   MASTERCOOL 72485-PRC Silver/Blue Universal Hydraulic Flaring Tool (3/8"&1/ 2" Transmission Cooling Line Die/Adapter Sets Plus Tube Cutter). and 1/4 in. I'm familiar with the 45 degree SAE double flare system used in my current components. The most common type of flare you’ll find on domestic and street rod applications is a 45-degree double flare. Well, spent about an hour today at a mom and pop parts store that actually carried brake line lengths, fittings, unions, etc and I got most, not all, but most of the parts I need. These are made as two different products that serve an array of a driver's needs and desires. Because the tubing is wider at this point, the connection can slip in deeper and more easily. Hi-Line’s family of D. I would rather use the same flare type throughout the system. air brake fittings encompass the entire breadth of brass offerings from industry leaders Parker, Velvac® and Eaton/Weatherhead including unions, connectors, elbows, nuts, sleeves and union tees. Aside from rubber, metal alloys, and steel, other materials used for brake lines include carbon fiber, Kevlar, and even Teflon. A flare pipe union seals by pushing two metal pipes together. T-Type pipes use double flares, so called because the flare is formed in two separate operations. ISO bubble flares are essentially the same components as plain bubble flares; AN Flares or In the automotive industry there are four main types of tubing flares: 45-degree double flare, 45-degree single flare, 37-degree single flare, and the bubble flare. Make Any Type of Flare. 99 TGR Professional Brake Line Flaring Tool- 45 Degree Set - Single, Bubble, and Double Flares The diagram to the right illustrates the two most common types of fittings used in a typical Street Rod brake system. when you cut the old line out put the old fittings on newly shaped tube before flaring the ends. Often at part stores this will be sold as 3/16 with a M10 x 1. A bubble flare, used together with a male swivel nut, ISO Bubble Blare. I used double flares, but I was hoping I could get away with single flares. For low pressures (compared to the tube pressure rating) it makes no difference and makes no difference in therm s of seal integrity. Our Stainless Steel Brake Lines provides you with 120+ SKUs covering over 48 million vehicles from popular Dodge, Ford, GM and Jeep trucks. JEGS carries a great selection of brake lines, brakes hoses and brake fittings for on and off-road use. do they use a double 45 degree flare or the metric bubble flare. . Its not for automotive hydraulic application, they will be the the induction & exhaust tubes for my model radial engine that seat into the heads. Most fittings take a 10mm wrench for the hard lines (the male fittings) and 14mm for the female fittings. Brake Line Fittings & Bleed Screws. This is what the factory uses for all of the brake lines. Re: Brake Lines- To Double Flare or not to Double Flare. 5 coilovers, color match grill, DDM tuning 5k fogs, Retrofit Headlights, lower valence painted. " :fraz: How can I achieve this style of flare? Cupro-nickel 31” brake line with bubble flare and proper U. Replied by ScubaCat3 on topic How To Bend and Flare Brake Lines Another way to do this repair might be to cut the line on either side of the compression fitting. I've just wasted $30 on the new WC that I can't connect to the brake line. Lift (97-06 Jeep Wrangler TJ) Starting At $82. I use never-seize to lubricate the flaring process. Bill D. Add to Cart. Hydraulic Brake Fittings. All the brake lines I've seen on these trucks use a double flare. Basically the line seized in the bolt and twisted off. 25 Ft. The flared part of the pipe is called the "female" which also contains a threaded connecting sleeve nut. How to replace individual lines: 1. Two types of flaring tool are commonly used. The double flare technique is the same as for brake lines. 14 Sep 2016 Learn how to 45 degree double flare brake lines using a flaring tool. If you can find a threaded fitting filter, that's great. The system MUST be air tight and free of any contaminates or air bubbles. The fitting to the wheel cylinder is an ISO flare so if you get a replacement piece with the ISO on one end you can use that to mate to the wheel cylinder. Brake Line Fittings are sometimes called tube nuts or flare fittings. FreeShipping I haven't really messed with flaring my own brake lines too much, Audi's use this type of flare, correct? Are typical flaring tools capable of making this type of flare? I would replace a whole section of brake line, but my rust spot is on the line running from the master cylinder to the rear of the car. I know for brake lines they must be double flare or some other special types. There are unions in the two rear hardlines near the bottom of the firewall so I will be starting from there. The sealed connection at each brake fitting is made by tightening a brake line and fitting into an opening that is shaped the opposite of the flare. Classic Tube brake, fuel and transmission lines are pre-bent to OEM specs or custom-made for your vehicle. 01 - Here's what the steel line looks like immediately after cutting it with a tubing cutter. The brake line fittings in the line lock is flat in the bottom compared to the rest of the brake system which has It's funny how people in the southwest don't know their brake line parts and sizes right off the bat without looking at them. How is Dorman able to release hundreds of high-quality new replacement automotive parts every month? A rigorous, best-in-class product development and testing process. Each has it’s benefits and drawbacks. Limited Time: Get $10 Off Your Order https://1aau. Adapt your hydraulic brake systems with hydraulic brake fittings & lines from Applied, offered in a wide variety of top quality materials, styles and sizes to meet your automotive application demands. Building AN Hoses And Flaring Hardlines Isn't Withcraft, It Just Takes The Right Tools And A Little Practice. If your lines are 3/16", they will be a double flair with a 3/8"-24 thread size flair nut. Vehicle: 2009 DC 4x4. All genuine Honda Brake Lines from us are shipped directly from authorized Honda Dealer. We also cover some common types of automotive flares and useful tools  30 Mar 2012 On rare occasions we come across a pipe thread, but typically brake hose fittings involve a flare. There are three types of flares on brake hose fittings: ISO Flare (Bubble) 45° ISO Flare (also known as bubble flare) – the female seat angle is 96°. The brake lines are European thread bubble flare. 9 1996 auto ext cab. And what determines the type of flare: the material, the fittings, or the object you are attaching to? Even that nice flaring tool says it: Produces single flares 45 & 37 degrees in soft metal & stainless steel lines, and produces 45 degree double flares in soft metal & steel. 3cm). The brake lines have the ISO flare - also called a bubble flare. Description. 75mm brake line nuts and fittings. Hydraulic Brake Fittings & Lines Adapt your hydraulic brake systems with hydraulic brake fittings & lines from Applied, offered in a wide variety of top quality materials, styles and sizes to meet your automotive application demands. The 45-degree double flare is a male threaded tube nut Bubble Flare. Yes you do, because each kind of brake line comes in the form of kits that will include special brake line clips. This is an example of the lines they have: This line is 3/16 x 08" (line size x length) (4. Once you've figured out the brake line material type that's perfect for your needs, buying a new brake line becomes an easier task. Now I take it this is standard 3/16 line correct? To seal brake lines against 2,000 psi takes some geometry. Before you do this, get some old brake line and practice a few double flares. 10-11-2010, 04:14 PM. Hard to find American, Metric and AN thread brake line nuts, unions, tees and bleeders. That is why all brake fittings are flare type fittings. 8 Degrees of Separation A common misconception is that you can flare a hardline with the same flaring tool used for your brake lines. In some cases, the flare is designed to crush or compress onto the surface to form a seal, and the tolerances can stack up quickly against you. The two types of flares used on brake lines are _____. add on top of that the time to find/buy the proper lines and the proper ends (i would not re-use old ends on new lines), the time to cut lines to length and doing the flaring, it is beyond not worth my time. GD GM Fuel Line Adapters 71405: 5/16″ Adapter 71406: 3/8″ Adapter. Convenient handle to make brake flaring easier. Then you can pick up a pre-flared 12" section from advance auto or wherever and two flare unions, and then attach it in. cut it smooth, (a dremel cutting disc works well if you cant get a tube cutter) cut off the insulation on it, flare the tube, (21) The RFT-37 is my preferred flaring tool. Brake Line Flare types Done. These flexible brake lines are available in various lengths of 3/16 in. The long brake line from the front to the rear in my '98 Dodge Dakota rotted out and I'm half-way through replacing it. Tubing Bender Instructions: • Bend brake lines with ONLY line bending tools, and flare brake lines ONLY with a  Pro Tube Flaring Tool; Forms 45° Double, Single, & Bubble Flares; Use with OE Steel, Stainless Steel, & Soft Metal Tubing Includes: 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", & 3/8"  Place the cone over the end of the tubing and move it down until the On a generating flare tool, the flare is formed in the air  Flaring brake lines is one of those tasks that look intimidating but is actually manageable for the home mechanic. Out here, having a tube cutting/flaring kit in the toolbox is mandatory. As the name implies, brake line flaring is the practice wherein the mechanic adds a flare at the end of the brake line to ensure a leak-proof connection. Flaring brake tubes, fuel and cooling lines requires the right tools and safe practices. The video is app Brake Line Thread Identification: What it Entails. Bend the line to match the old line. Brake line repair is a necessary maintenance step in many vehicles as they begin to age. The majority are 3/8 x 28 tpi. Did stainless fuel and brake lines on my Mk4 Roadster with it and it worked perfectly. This kit covers different flares, including single, double, and bubble types. Here you will find a variety of standard and metric male and female to meet all of your brake line needs. Sure the hard lines can be a bit less expensive IF the off the shelf lengths are what you need. These fittings are sold in pairs and are available in 2" length with -3 AN on one end and 1/8" pipe on the other. They are not 45°. When soft copper tubing is used for plumbing, different styles of compression fittings are used to make make leak-proof connections. Copper tubing when to double flare. Use a tube nut to create a connection by placing it over the brake line with the threads out to the side that will be flared. Fig. It flares the cone spreading the tube end until its expanded outer diameter makes contact with the countersunk flare profile in the die. Precision made How Brake Lines Work. Brake line kits are available for a variety of British cars from Austin Healey to Jaguar, Triumph, MG. When assembly is tightened with a wrench, a leak-proof metal-to-metal joint is created. To make this type of end, the line is flared out, then folded back onto itself. Lift (97-05 Jeep Wrangler TJ) Starting At $69. One more point on the tools comparison. Cranking your fittings ruins them. For making double flares on 3/16” and 4. The brake lines are coated with about . We have: master cylinders, alloy or brass T or straight connectors, brake calipers and stop lamp fittings. Put the cone of the tool over Brake Line Fittings End Configurations: On rare occasions we come across a pipe thread, but typically brake hose fittings involve a flare. * Flare Style Ports - 3/16" and 1/4" Direct Fit Brake Line Tube Nuts Included! * 8 1/4" Installed Length - Front Port = Front Brakes / Rear Port = Rear Brakes CLASSIC CAST IRON '70-'79 OE STYLE Z-28 CAMARO TYPE MC Can the adapters. JEGS offers durable black oxide-coated steel tube nuts to complement the lines (sold separately). O. 50 / each Most of the HVAC flare fittings are 45° rated for use with high-pressure refrigerant. One has a patch that's held for two years. Get deals on automotive parts, truck parts and more. So I measured the lines in the rear to do them all and get it all over with at once. Black oxide coated flare nuts for added corrosion protection. The flared part of the pipe is Learning how to flare copper tubing can come in handy for a number of reasons. E. A standard brake line will NOT thread into it. I think it's because I am using a double-flaring tool, and the original flares (from Ford) are different. the best alternative is to go to a pep boys and spend about $50 on a brake tube bender, double flaring tool, some brake tube fittings and and a coupler,brake fluid, and a few feet of brake tube. BQ4511SS Brake Line Fitting Male M10 x 1mm 3/16 Stainless Steel brake line, nuts, fittings and tee's 3/16"/4. The standard tool gripping surface is less wide and thus the tool is much more damaging to the outer surface of the brake line. Compression type fittings will not hold and you will lose your braking so you need to be able to do standard double flares on the cut end of your line and the mating end of the new line. I understand about not wanting to run rubber line, I've had a couple of the metal inline filters leak when the 2" long rubber hose connecting them to the metal line got old and cracked. Re: Brake line flaring. It is just hard to see an existing brake line and then start with a straight piece and be able to bend it with all the lengths and angles to match the original. The "male" end will have the connecting threads that the nut fits over, and a small cone shape at the end that will fit inside of the flare. Steel Brake lines 10mm bubble flair connector with a diameter of 3/16 (4. The original setup had the line coming from front (ABS) with a bubble flare and male threaded connector. Brake line flaring tool kit: Bubble flare, which can be done during the second step of double falring. it is much Brake Lines And Hoses Products. But I still have a problem with them leaking. 45˚ & Double Flaring Die Sets 71097-13: 3/16″ Die Set Engine and Transmission Warranty Claims. 0 but need the flare type to buy the ends and tools. Usually a junk yard will have a stack of rear ends, and you can pull what you need off of them. I have no rear brakes brake line is pinched and cut behind the tank. BRASS INVERTED FLARE FITTINGS, INVERTED FLARE NUT, ZINC CHROMATE STEEL NUT, INVERTED FLARE FITTING, FEMALE FLARE FITTING, FLARE ADAPTER, MALE RUN TEE, UNION TEE, INVERTED FLARE ELBOW, BRANCH TEE, FEMALE BRANCH TEE, BRASS FITTINGS, TOWED TRAILER BRAKE TEE, DUAL MASTER CYLINDER ADAPTER, INVERTED FLARE AUTO FITTINGS, DUAL MASTER CYLINDER ADAPTER, FORD Sure the hard lines can be a bit less expensive IF the off the shelf lengths are what you need. to/m/YT-Email-10dollars-Off In the video, 1A Auto shows how to cut and flare a brake line. The flaring tool looks a little bit like a pitchfork with three prongs. Referring back to the schematic, SAE double flare uses a 45 degree angle: JIS metric double flare, as used in Miatas and other Japanese-manufactured vehicles, employ a 37 degree angle. There are two types of brake lines commonly used in cars in 2009: the basic rubber brake line found in every vehicle that is installed at the auto manufacturer, and the steel-braided brake line, which is a rubber brake line wrapped in a steel mesh. Thanks for your help Mike Would it be a safe assumption that all 3/16" "Japanese" lines should be identical in fitment? I also dont mind cutting, bending, and flaring my own lines from bulk 3/16" tubing, but when I looked at the flaring tool they sold, it had cutouts for different line sizes (like 3/16), but there is no mention of the flare angle. There are two types of brake flares, inverted double flare (most common) and bubble flare. Close to standard 1/4" brake line fittings which are 7/16 x 24. The two types of flares used on Brake Line Fittings are sometimes called tube nuts or flare fittings. How to Flare Brake Lines - Steps Measure the length of brake line needed with measuring tape. It uses a 45* double flare to seal, which has tubing that is folded over into itself before flaring outward. 040 in. The function of the brake line clips is to hold the lines away from the tire and prevent them from being worn down. Flare tubing to create a 45° flare. • inverted double flare and ISO. Use penetrating oil on the fittings on the distribution box and the wheel cylinder. 95 SuperLift Bulletproof Front Brake Lines for 4-6 in. I If you make your own brake lines, this is a tool you absolutely should have on your bench. Typically found on all American and Asian cars, but the European style DIN flare is appearing everywhere now. For my project, I ordered 2 rolls, and 4 flare nuts. BRAKE SYSTEM: OEM Toyota MC For FJ40 58-7/70 (change the cap on it as I saw in another thread to repurpose the brake pressure switch), NiCopp 1/4" line with M13 x 1. GM said there is no trouble with their brake lines, but on new trucks they are plastic coated, just like the two lines going to my rear wheel cylinders on my 2006 Sierra. I'm fairly certain the brake line is 3/16", but I am not sure of the flare type. Primary Category: ~Fleet and Vehicle Maintenance~Automotive Mechanical~Brake Line Accessories $61. The U shaped piece with the bolt through the top is the flaring tool that you will use to actually flare the tubing. wall thickness. FEATURES. com) to the first distribution block, and for the rest NiCopp 3/16" line with M11 x 1. The tube flare is clamped between nut and flare seat of body when screwed together. I need to form (flare) the ends of brake line into a trumpet shape from the typical ductile copper nickel alloy 5/16" diameter. My custom lines were about $50 each. Go back and demand your money back. In contrast to straight brake line material, which auto parts stores almost always have in stock, you'll need to special order pre-bent brake lines for your vehicle. My dealership wanted $8. Got to a junk yeard. A standard brake line WILL thread into it. This is just one more way to guard against leaks. For all other products, please contact Customer Care. It's a bit of a faff but easier than removing the old and fitting a new line. Creates flare diameters of 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 1/2 and 5/8 inches. Copper tubing types are: “K” – thick wall, hard; “L” – medium thick wall, hard; “M” – is thin wall tubing used for drains and plumbing. The online catalog we provide will get you through the ordering process safely and securely. the line on the rear axle is 3/16", fittings are either 5/16, or 3/8, depending on the wheel cylinders. Single flaring results in a thin pipe wall at the base of the flare where the brake line will work harden and break over time. 0 threaded fittings. Turret-Style Flaring Tool; Universal Hydraulic Flaring Tool; Lubricants. The brass fitting pictured requires a double flare on pipe end. One front driver's side and the main line feeding the rear brakes. Thank you for being a Ridge Tool customer. Cut brake tubing to the desired length with tubing cutters or a hacksaw. Don’t. Choose from stainless steel brake lines, fitting adapters, teflon lined hoses, pre-bent brake line kits for power and disc brakes, flexible lines, speed bleeders and more from JEGS, Earl's, Right Stuff, Russell, Stainless Steel Brakes, Wilwood and other leading manufacturers. Having fabricated numerous brake/clutch lines over the past 4 decades in a variety of metals, I have found the simplest way to determine the type of male end flare is to examine the female internal design. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. We will refer to them as SAE or DIN flare. The two types of flares used on Featured Video Dorman Innovation Process. There are four types of hard line used for braking systems: steel, soft steel, stainless steel, and nickel-copper alloy. Two prongs attach to the clamp holding the brake line, and the third prong (the one in the  Automotive brake lines are double and ISO flared at the ends. Their flares are shaped more like a "dome. 5 in. Brain picking you automotive types. Another post on repairs on my 800$ dodge 1500 5. The bolt assembly where the brakes meet and bolt to the differential is worth its weight in gold. Brakes, Steering, Suspension, Tires, & Wheels - Brake line flare: Bubble or double? - Hi guys, I am redoing the brake lines on the 2002 Excursion. The double flare, also known as the SAE or inverted or 45-degree flare, is the most common. 5 fittings (from InlineTube. I would guess lower pressure need the double flares with Al tubes? I have a flaring kit to do the double flare but I have never done it except to practice. Metric double flare and SAE double flare fittings are constructed from the same principles but with different angles. The brake lines are 3/16", the fittings are metric a 131 mm wrench to get them off. The basic types of brake line fittings. I have just bought a line-lock from summit with 1/8 NPT. Also, look closely at the flare on the end of the brake line - there are 2 different types you could find. Metric? So I re-used the original fittings from the busted-off brake lines. Cheap flaring tools are incredibly frustrating to use and make bad flares. An example of a double flare is shown in Fig 5 below. Our 007 brake line flaring tools easy cam and lever operation can make flares in 30 seconds, saving you time and frustration. For flaring automotive tubing. Steel is affordable, durable and easy to come by. The only drawback I can think of, is its size when you are working in close quarters. Lift (97-05 Jeep Wrangler TJ) Starting At $129. 6/16 x 20. Types of Brake Line Flares 45-Degree Double Flare. Ruined fittings leak. Unlike the brake lines, the clutch lines needed regular inverted flare fittings. I don't want to buy a whole new line from Ford. A single flare will present the rough area onto the sealing surface of the fitting and you'll likely get leaks. I know the size is 10mm x 1. Coverage includes tube flare types, step-by-step flaring techniques and the use of the holding and forming bar, arbor and sized double-flare adapters. You can buy pre-flared sections of line, and bend them to fit, or you can buy bulk line and flare nuts from the dealer, and use a flaring tool to make your own lines, then bend to fit. Now everything is standard the rest of the way back. A) Double flare and ISO B) Ball flare and bubble flare C) SAE and double flare D) SAE and DOT A perfect double flare is done. Amazing deals on this Double Tube Flaring Tool Kit at Harbor Freight. Really, all you need are the lines, the fittings, a flaring tool, tubing cutter, and a tubing bender. I found some for 6mm tube, but that turns out to be just slightly smaller than 1/4″. Never use a single flare on automotive components. BQ4511SS Brake Line Fitting Male M10 x 1mm 3/16 Stainless Steel Re: Brake line size & type I recently replaced a rear brake line on a 2002 l200it was 3/16 line with bubble flaresthe threaded end going into the master cylinder was a larger thread size than the lines I bought so I ended up buying a small adapter line that one end connected to the line I bought and the other end to the master cylinder The flares that are used for hydraulic brake systems include the double flare and the bubble flare. I had two rusted lines on my brakes. During the practice of flaring lines I noticed that the double flare was Brake line flare type - EricTheCarGuy - EricTheCarGuy- Stay Dirty! I have to replace a brake line on a 2001 GMC 2500 Savana Van with a 5,0 liter engine. Special tools are required to Brake line double flare and ISO flare types. Founding Member. European thread bubble flare. West Germany, which instituted mandatory vehicle inspections in 1970, has collected data in line with Sweden. 2ton220 658,202 views Porsche and Audi, Cunifer™ brake lines maintain full strength for the life of the vehicle. In addition, the flaring tool makes high-quality 45° male/female single or double flares in tubing  ATD-5478 Tubing Flare Tool Kit Instructions. Right now, Napa and Carquest have a sale on it so it's between $23 and $29 per coil. Now I read that I should have used a double flare to be sure. BRAKE LINE KIT - Fits 8/80-1984 FJ40 LHD Gas ONLY - Comes with all (Zinc Coated Steel) lines to re-plumb your Left Hand Drive Land Cruiser - also see 086-30CA-KIT Stainless Steel Brake Hose Kit On Sale - Everyone gets the Discounted Price on this part. 0 fittings. metric thread/bubble flare. 99- I broke the first die thing off inside the brake line because Advance also sells a cheaper Flare kit (if you can believe that)- If I had it to do over I'd just spend the $35 on a line kit-- Didn't want to wait on shipping You can buy pre-flared sections of line, and bend them to fit, or you can buy bulk line and flare nuts from the dealer, and use a flaring tool to make your own lines, then bend to fit. Pre-bent brake lines take a lot of time and hassle out of the installation process because they're already flared and bent for the best possible route through your car. If you're replacing stock soft lines for extended Toyota brake lines you'll need both 10mm and 14mm to separate them. Here are the finest brake line kits in the world for your vintage or classic car. Brake lines are made from double-walled steel tubing with one of two standard flares on each end. These are the double flare and the ISO flare. Two prongs attach to the clamp holding the brake line, and the third prong (the one in the middle) actually flares the line. My brother broke the brake line on his stilo as he hadn't done brake hose before and was a bit too over enthusiastic with the spanner. It's probably a good idea to flush the other brake lines, too, to get the moisture out of them. 0 star rated product | #PAC-325 $21. At this point, I think I'll use the old 15/16" WC, because I'm not going to drive this thing enough that it will matter if it pulls a little when I brake. The set up sounds similar. Each end of the line is  Buy FLAREFORCE FF-1 Black Flaring Tool: Brake Flaring Tools TGR Professional Brake Line Flaring Tool- 45 Degree Set - Single, Bubble, and Double  17 Sep 2017 Vehicles use a variety of flare styles. The ends A close -up of the tube ends of various flare types:. Purchase or rent a double flaring tool kit. Use a flaring tool or a double flare tool to form the tubing's flare. (3 to 16 mm) O. 0 Quick Charger 12V/24V Car Power Outlet Waterproof Socket 64W Dual USB Charger Socket Power Delivery 36W for Motorcycle Marine Boat RV ATV (Type C+ QC3. 2. Tube nuts, unions, and adapters have uses across different types of automotive lines. If the existing brake line is long enough, use a pipe cutter and cut as close to the flare as possible (move the fitting up the pipe). While I was unscrewing one of the brake lines from the brake clinder I snapped off the brake line connect to it (it was very rusted) and need a flaring tool so I can screw back a nut. British NiCopp Nickel/Copper Brake Line, 3/16 x 51. Others take a "banjo bolt and fitting" that then has the inverted flare for your line. , Japanese, European and British Girling brake tube flares. You can think of a brake line flare as similar to the flare at the bottom of a pair of jeans. If your lines are 1/4" the flair nut will be a 7/16"-24 size nut. You cannot receive a refund if you have placed a ShippingPass-eligible order. I would recommend that you practice this entire process a few times before you jump into the middle of your brake line and whip out a quick fix. Industrial. 0 wrote: Forum discussion: 94 Mazda B2300 Rear Driver side brake line broke when changing the wheel cylinder. MOT the next week didn't even mention it. Look in the owners manual, or bring the old brakes lines off your car and into an autoshop. Some wheel cylinders have an inverted flare and directly take a double flared line with a male threaded tube nut. I can't recommend attempting to flare the poly-coated line, it's hard to hold and slips out of the tool while flaring. It joined directly with the piece that then goes to passenger rear wheel. fittings; runs from the brake master cylinder to the Tee-fitting on left-hand drive classic Minis Brake Pipe, Proportioning Valve to Left Rear Hose, Dry (SPB24) Seamless nickel-copper alloy tubing virtually rust & corrosion proof. DaFlyinSkwirl (Pj) v2. We have an assortment of sizes that can be placed over the end of the line, fitting or flare and I bought brake line and flare nuts locally from the VW dealer, they order the line in a 5 meter roll, and sell it by the meter. 5 A Double Flare formed on a piece of ¼ inch tube. CNB-351 $ 10. Clamp the line strong in the flare tool an push the pressure pad into the line  Laser Tools 6728 Brake Pipe Flaring Tool part of the Brake Pipe/Flaring range of tools. Remove old fitting, slide the new fitting on, reflare the brake line and install. Does anyone know the metric sizes for the brake pipe fittings- at the caliper, and btwn the flexi-lines and the hard lines? And a source. A wide range of different flare tool kits are available too. Measured the rear fitting, it's M11-1. Steel – The most common type of hard line is galvanized mild steel. Hi all. both of the lines that go to rear were rusted with pinholes Having some extra laying around the garage may save you a trip next time! Be careful of the fittings on the ends - you need to make sure that threads are metric. Then I borrowed my shop’s flare tool kit, which is the same type as my coworker’s, but I couldn’t get it to work, and ended up just borrowing my coworker’s kit. R. 25 a meter, and $2. How do I tell what kind of flare is on the end of my brake line? There are two basic types of flares used on OEM automotive brake systems throughout the world. 7mm x 20. Still, in 1988, over 90,000 Swedish vehicles failed testing due to damaged steel brake tubing, most of which was corrosion related. or you can buy new ones. Once tightened, an air and fluid tight connection is made. I prefer it for it's constistant flaring capabilities. • ball flare and bubble flare. My car doesn't have traction control, so it tees off at the passenger rear going to the driver rear. Since you’ll most likely use this tool on one job, you’ll be tempted to buy the cheapest kit. There are several key points that you need to know before you get started, so get ready to learn how to make a double flare brake line. Brake lines are susceptible to becoming brittle, rusting, and leaking, which degrades the reliability of the brake system. Although I have not removed the line yet, but it looks to be a dealer item and appears to be a two-piece line with about a foot of it metal braided to allow it to flex on the end attached to the ABS modulator (next to the master cylinder) and then it is crimped to a traditional type steel line with a flare fitting where it meets the rubber brake hose that goes to the right front caliper. Heat it up and then dowse it with the Yield. The last repair took me a whole day. The most common brake line size for most BMW’s and particularly true for E30’s is 4. I have yet to take them apart, but are the flares bubble or double? :-huh Doing brake lines for the first time and buying the rust proof copper nickel lines. For example, 3/8” x 24NF refers to 3/8” diameter and 24 threads per inch pitch (NF stands for National Fine; other options are NS – National Special and BSF – British Standard Fine). pick up some tubing that is the right size, and the fittings, match up everything you need. Tools. The steel wheel of the cutter slightly deforms the end of the tubing by adding a ridge to the inside. Place brake nuts on the line and do a flare on the other end of the brake line. Now how do I know which flaring tool to use?? A single flare or a double flare?? What is the difference between the two and How do I find out which one I need BRASS INVERTED FLARE FITTINGS, INVERTED FLARE NUT, ZINC CHROMATE STEEL NUT, INVERTED FLARE FITTING, FEMALE FLARE FITTING, FLARE ADAPTER, MALE RUN TEE, UNION TEE, INVERTED FLARE ELBOW, BRANCH TEE, FEMALE BRANCH TEE, BRASS FITTINGS, TOWED TRAILER BRAKE TEE, DUAL MASTER CYLINDER ADAPTER, INVERTED FLARE AUTO FITTINGS, DUAL MASTER CYLINDER ADAPTER, FORD Single flares must NOT be used on brake lines and are illegal. PD Type C USB Car Charger Socket and QC 3. Flaring Tubing: Two angles of flare most commonly formed are 45° and 37°. Worldwide, these are the two most commonly used flares you will be encountering. Creates both single and double flares. This HD video how-to series starts with basic tools that can produce quality repairs if used properly. 80. Toyota Tundra Base / Limited / SR5 2006, R-Line Front Brake Hydraulic Hose Lock Fitting by Raybestos®. Use an appropriat size brake line wrench and the fittings should come out. Indeed, the replacement rear brake line hoses I received from Dent look like they expect double flare connectors. Going to have to do the rear lines on my bmw soon as they are a bit Yes, the brake line between the ABS module and the rear brake hose. 00 flare nut, this is perfectly fine because 3/16 = 4. Cut the line with a pipe cutter, buy the necessary fittings, put the fittings on each end of the line, and flare the line with your double flare kit. I am replacing most of my brake pipes, due to corrosion. The male and female surfaces of the fitting are three to five degrees different between the sealing surfaces. brake line flare types

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